Analysing Comments on RFK Jr.’s Presidential Campaign

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Recently, my previous commentary regarding Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s bid for the presidency resulted in an influx of comments, mostly in disagreement, prompted me to delve deeper into the reasons behind the reactions and offer my reflections.

Initial Speculation

Two weeks ago, I initiated the discussion by suggesting that RFK Jr.’s campaign might sway both Joe Biden and Donald Trump supporters. I highlighted his selection of Nicole Shanahan as his vice presidential candidate, positing that her appeal could potentially shift the balance of support.

Criticisms from RFK Jr’s supporters

While my initial analysis garnered little objection, it was my subsequent comment on Shanahan’s suitability that ignited the majority of responses. I expressed reservations about her appeal, particularly to Biden voters, advocating for a more conventional choice given RFK Jr.’s lack of prior elected office. However, the feedback I received largely defended Shanahan’s credentials, with supporters of RFK Jr. offering constructive criticism.


The discourse surrounding RFK Jr.’s candidacy illustrates the diversity of opinions within the electorate. While my perspective may have sparked debate, it is evident that Shanahan’s selection has generated significant support among RFK Jr.’s followers. As the election landscape continues to evolve, it remains essential to engage in nuanced discussions that encompass a range of viewpoints.


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