Will The Democrats Ditch Biden Because He’s Too Old?

Table of Contents

Opinions on Joe Biden’s Candidacy

As the 2024 United States presidential election looms closer, public opinion surrounding Joe Biden’s candidacy is fraught with concerns over his age and cognitive abilities. Recent polls, including one conducted by ABC News, reveal that a staggering 86% of Americans believe Biden is too old to serve as president. Many attribute this sentiment to the noticeable decline in Biden’s cognitive sharpness over the past several years, particularly evident in his speech and memory faculties. This decline has raised significant doubts about his ability to effectively lead the nation, especially when juxtaposed with his tenure as vice president.

The issue gained traction in recent weeks following revelations from a prosecutor indicating reluctance to pursue charges against Biden for mishandling secret documents from his vice presidency. The prosecutor cited concerns over Biden’s age and memory, suggesting that a jury might view him sympathetically as an elderly individual with ailing cognitive functions. Reports further highlight instances where Biden struggled to recall key dates and events from his vice presidential tenure, fueling skepticism about his mental acuity. These findings have only served to reinforce the prevailing belief that Biden’s age renders him unfit for the presidency.

Consideration of Alternatives and Media Attention

Amid mounting apprehensions about Biden’s candidacy, speculation regarding potential alternatives has surfaced, with Vice President Kamala Harris emerging as a prominent contender. However, Harris’s own popularity ratings pale in comparison to Biden’s, compounded by criticisms of her speaking mannerisms and perceived lack of relatability. Recognizing the pitfalls of replacing Biden with Harris, Democratic leaders appear reluctant to entertain such a transition, fearing it could jeopardise their electoral prospects against incumbent Donald Trump.

Despite reservations about Biden’s suitability, Democratic stalwarts have rallied behind him in a show of solidarity, dismissing concerns about his mental acuity and reaffirming their support for his nomination. This steadfast commitment to Biden as the presumptive nominee underscores the party’s determination to forge ahead with his candidacy, despite reservations from both within and outside the Democratic ranks.

Looking Forward

As the Democratic Party barrels forward with Biden as its standard-bearer, questions linger about the viability of his candidacy in the face of mounting skepticism. Critics argue that Biden’s evident cognitive decline and the subsequent implications for his presidency warrant a reevaluation of his suitability for the highest office. While historical precedent exists for last-minute changes in leadership due to health concerns, the prospect of such a scenario remains speculative at best.

Nevertheless, as the election season unfolds, the debate surrounding Biden’s candidacy is likely to intensify, with proponents and detractors alike scrutinising his every move. Whether Biden can dispel doubts about his fitness for office or if the Democratic Party will pursue alternative strategies remains to be seen. In a political landscape rife with uncertainty, one thing remains clear: the 2024 election promises to be a battleground of ideas, personalities, and pivotal decisions that will shape the future of the nation.


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