Will Trump’s Verdict affect his standing in the race?

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Post-Verdict Poll Dynamics

The website FiveThirtyEight indicates that seven polls have been released since the verdict was announced. FiveThirtyEight aggregates these polls, which suggest about a half a percentage point shift, an improvement for Joe Biden relative to Donald Trump since the verdict came out. Although half a percent is not very significant, it is unclear whether this shift will be durable. This slight change might be insignificant, but if it proves to be long-lasting, it could be meaningful in a close election where a swing of half a percent to one percent could be impactful. In addition to the overarching polls providing a general overview where Donald Trump holds a slight advantage over Joe Biden in most instances, there are also specific polls indicating a slight advantage for Joe Biden. 

Unveiling the Nuanced Views on Trump’s Verdict

FiveThirtyEight also asked people their thoughts about the verdict. The results from a couple of the polls are interesting because a plurality of Americans polled believe the charges against Donald Trump were politically motivated. They also think he had a fair trial and that the jury came out with the correct result. While this may seem contradictory, it might reflect a nuanced view of the situation. The prosecutor who chose to charge Donald Trump with this crime essentially ran on a platform to convict him of something, and he followed through. The crime Donald Trump committed is very technical and might not necessarily get charged in court, possibly resulting in a fine or something like that instead. According to one poll, 47% of Americans think it was politically motivated. This makes sense, but when the case went before the jury and the prosecutor argued that Donald Trump did make the technical mistake of misrepresenting the hush money payments as a legal expense on the books of the Trump organization, people agreed that he did that. The polls indicate that 50% of Americans believe he was actually guilty of this. Therefore, it is believed that the polls actually fit the bill there.

The Tight Race – Exploring the Competitive Election Landscape

The national polls show a very even race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, with Donald Trump having a slight edge. Even though Trump has the edge, including Robert F. Kennedy in the polling mix shows that he is nowhere near having 50%. If Trump wins the election, it will be with a plurality, not a majority of votes. The election will be decided by swing states rather than the national polls or the national vote. Most states, such as Maryland, will definitely go to Joe Biden, and states like Alabama will definitely go to Donald Trump. Most U.S. states are already set to go one way or the other, but a handful of states will determine the election. Currently, most of these states appear likely to favour Donald Trump. However, election odds websites show an even race, a toss-up. Thus, the polls look a little better for Donald Trump and the odds look a little like an even fight. For those seeking an explanation, it is possible that the people on the odds sites are considering that some individuals currently telling pollsters that they won’t vote for Joe Biden because they dislike him might also dislike Donald Trump. As the election date approaches, these individuals might change their minds and eventually decide to vote for Joe Biden. Whether this is accurate or not remains uncertain, but it is one potential explanation. 

Why Trump Could Win

There is a belief that Donald Trump has an advantage based on public opinion regarding three main issues: the U.S. economy, immigration, and crime. When asked which candidate is better for the economy, Americans overwhelmingly choose Donald Trump over Joe Biden. On immigration and crime, Americans also favour Trump. Since Trump leads on these major issues, it is believe that he has a favourable chance of winning the election. 


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